Improving Tri-Valley Streams

What We Do

Restore Habitat

Prevent Flooding

Protect Water Quality

Educate Our Community

Our Events

We host regular creek clean-up and restoration events where volunteers gather to pick up litter, remove invasive plants, and monitor water quality. These events are a great way to make a positive impact on the environment while also getting to know your local community.
woman planting tree outside with leaves
Living Arroyos volunteers have planted more than 8,000 native plants near our waterways.
picking trash with trash picker putting in into a bag outside with some leaves on the ground
Living Arroyos volunteers have removed 24,000 gallons of trash from our waterways.
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Join the over 3,000 volunteers who have donated their time to the Living Arroyos program!


Living Arroyos offers paid internships to college students and recent graduates to give them hands-on training in riparian restoration.
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Adopt a Creek

Join the Tri-Valley’s families, companies, and community groups who have adopted a local creek. Together, we can create a cleaner and healthier future for everyone!

Why Clean Creeks Matter

Healthy creeks indicate a thriving ecosystem. They provide clean water for drinking, irrigation and recreation, and are home to many plants and animals. When our creeks are polluted, it affects not just the creek itself but can lead to larger environmental issues.
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