Adopters 2024

We are thrilled to introduce and extend our heartfelt thanks to the dedicated adopters of the Living Arroyos “Adopt A Creek” program for 2024. Each of these committed individuals and organizations has stepped forward to take an active role in preserving the natural beauty and ecological health of our local waterways. Their time, effort, and enthusiasm are not just investments in our creeks and rivers, but also in our community’s future. The positive impact of their stewardship will resonate throughout our region, ensuring that these vital natural resources continue to thrive and provide sanctuary for wildlife and joy for humans alike. Let’s celebrate the remarkable contribution of our 2024 adopters!

  1. AACS Reach #: 001
    Adoptee Name: River Guardians Group
    Affiliation: Local Environmental NGO
  2. AACS Reach #: 002
    Adoptee Name: GreenStream Volunteers
    Affiliation: Community Volunteer Group
  3. AACS Reach #: 003
    Adoptee Name: BioRiver Corp
    Affiliation: Biotechnology Company
  4. AACS Reach #: 004
    Adoptee Name: AquaLife Enthusiasts
    Affiliation: Aquatic Hobbyist Club
  5. AACS Reach #: 005
    Adoptee Name: Clear Waters Elementary School
    Affiliation: Local Elementary School
  6. AACS Reach #: 006
    Adoptee Name: Eco Warriors Team
    Affiliation: High School Conservation Club
  7. AACS Reach #: 007
    Adoptee Name: The Creek Conservators
    Affiliation: Community Service Organization
  8. AACS Reach #: 008
    Adoptee Name: Streamline Systems
    Affiliation: Environmental Engineering Firm
  9. AACS Reach #: 009
    Adoptee Name: Pure Water Advocates
    Affiliation: Non-Profit Organization
  10. AACS Reach #: 010
    Adoptee Name: Nature’s Network
    Affiliation: Wildlife Conservation Group
  11. AACS Reach #: 011
    Adoptee Name: AquaTech Innovators
    Affiliation: Technology Startup Focused on Water Preservation
  12. AACS Reach #: 012
    Adoptee Name: The Riverbend Coalition
    Affiliation: Coalition of Local Businesses
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