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Bank Erosion Control Efforts at Stanley Reach



On January 28, 2016, the Living Arroyos field crew began installing willow stakes at our pilot site, Stanley Reach. The mile long reach, runs parallel to Stanley Boulevard between North Murrietta Boulevard and Isabel Avenue. Due to rapid stream flows and un-natural meandering patterns, bank erosion is one of the site’s major stressors.

Willow stakes root quickly, creating a living root mat that binds soil particles together providing erosion control and a host of other benefits. Once our willows are fully established they will improve water quality, enhance bank stability and provide habitat for native aquatic and terrestrial animal species.

Last month, we installed our last willow stake of the season! Through hard work and dedication, we successfully planted 556 willows along the eastern portion of the Reach. We welcome you to come out and nurture our willow stakes as they grow into mature trees.

Click HERE to register for our last volunteer workday of the season. Our willow stakes are looking forward to a little tender, love and care. We’ll see you all soon!

One thought on “Bank Erosion Control Efforts at Stanley Reach

  1. Jorge McMillan

    I wasn’t sure how soil erosion worked until I read this article. It’s cool to see that the solutions of creating a root mat to create a system that binds soil particles together to create erosion. I see how this works with the trees being planted at the base of where the erosion is taking place. I hope it works and that it prevents erosion from happening.

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