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October 6th, 2018 Touriga Creek Clean-up

10..6.18 Touriga Creek (3)

Fifteen volunteers helped us clean Touriga Creek on October 6th 2018. We removed 61 gallons of trash and 21 gallons of recyclables, great job! This work prevents plastic debris from washing downstream into the San Francisco Bay. Plastic waste in our oceans is becoming a serious problem but we can work together to be better stewards of our local watershed and of the Earth.

10..6.18 Touriga Creek (1)

10..6.18 Touriga Creek (11)

   10..6.18 Touriga Creek (2)


September 15th 2018 Creeks to Bay Clean-up

Living Arroyos participated in the 2018 Creeks to Bay Clean-up on September 15th 2018. We had 26 amazing people who helped removed 350 gallons of trash and 50 gallons of recyclables from the Arroyo Mocho at the Stanley Reach.


Thank you!

The seventh annual Creeks to Bay Clean-up was coordinated by the Adopt a Creek Spot program and is part of a worldwide Coastal Clean-up Day that occurs annually. The work we do to remove trash in our urban streams before it reaches the ocean helps to save the lives of countless marine organisms! 257 volunteers and staff helped to remove a total of 2,112 gallons of trash and 264 gallons of recyclables from eight different spots along the Arroyo Mocho and the Arroyo Las Positas in Livermore California.


Arroyo Las Positas Clean-up

I want to thank the 30 volunteers who cleaned the Arroyo Las Positas near Heather Lane this past Saturday June 23rd! Despite the sweltering heat of that morning, you removed over 130 gallons of trash and recyclables from one of our urban streams. Great job!

This is what stream stewardship looks like! We can make a difference in our own communities!


Before the Clean Up


One of our regulars hard at work!


Our regular volunteers showing off their Living Arroyos swag.


After the Clean Up