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Arroyo Mocho at Stanley Reach Oak Mulching Part 2

We had an amazing volunteer event this past Saturday December 2nd. Eight stalwart volunteers showed up and mulched 500 feet of our oak woodland. We were also joined by a group of 25 boy scouts, Rotarians and parents; they planted 44 native plants and aided in spreading mulch . Thank you everyone! Your dedication to renewing local stream habitat is amazing!


Boy scouts planting a valley oak


Thank you!


Newly planted blue elderberries

Arroyo Mocho at the Stanley Reach: Mulching Part 1

I want to thank the 30+ volunteers that helped us move a few thousand gallons of mulch this past Saturday 11.18.2017! We would not be able to renew the Stanley Reach without you!

The morning was cold but sunny, the perfect weather to work outside. The oak trees we mulched are preparing for their winter dormancy; the mulch will help to stop competition with invasive weeds for another year. The mulch will also aid in retaining soil moisture through the long dry season as well as adding vital nutrients to the soil as the wood chips break down.